Oh look, it's me.
Researcher. Storyteller. Geek. 

I think in metaphors, make puns during all waking hours, and talk to people because their stories help illuminate my own. 

In my not-too-distant past I would sit down in a studio with clients every weekday and help them with their design projects from conception to delivery. Sometimes I helped brand their ranching business, or digitized their fine art for reproduction, or photoshopped their competing golf teams into battling pirate ships. Clients would often compliment my patience, but the truth was that once they brought me their problem-- it became my puzzle. And I like solving puzzles.

I did web design, print design, illustrations, and more, and I learned that what I really enjoyed was identifying the design problem to be solved, and discovering a solution by talking to clients, customers, and users. 

My process.
My experience in direct client interaction has developed an aptitude for including qualitative research in all parts of my process.
My writing background allows me to transform research insights into vivid user personas, cohesive problem statements, and realized user journeys. 
All the while, I form feedback loops, I iterate, I keep my focus on my user's goals, motivations, and story.
And no, I don't stop making puns.

Life is like a simile.
Like what you hear?

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